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What is Support Coordination?

According to the NDIS website

"Support coordination helps you to make the best use of your supports in plan. Support coordination is a capacity building support which helps you to:

Understand and use you NDIS plan to pursue your goals

Connect you with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government services

Build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports."

To us it is so much more than this.  We ensure that each participant that we support has full choice and control over the service providers they choose, breakdown the budget of the plan so the participant and nominee has full knowledge of how they are going to get the most out of their plan, identify any problems within the plan and support participants with advice with where to go if they need to review their plan.  

Each of us has a specialty interest and constantly have ongoing training with keeping up with changes in the NDIS world so between our small team there is a wealth of knowledge for everything NDIS!

Below are some areas that our Support Coordinators can support you with


Part of the role of a Support Coordinator is to monitor plan budgets, make sure that they are kept on track and work out ways to maximise your plan to get the best out of it.  Our role is also to support you to build capacity to negotiate with service providers to extend your budget where possible.

Build Capacity

Support Coordinators are there to help you build your capacity with navigating the NDIS systems and increasing your independence when it comes to your plan.  We explain the different components of your plan to enhance your capacity to make decisions about the supports that you want to engage with.


Support Coordinators support you to connect with NDIS and mainstream services.  In the NDIS space this can be people/organisations that provide direct supports, allied health professionals like occupational therapists/speech therapists, behaviour support practitioners,  Mainstream services include connecting with government departments and other services that are utilised by the general population.

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